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ATM / BTM are a significant area of business for Secure Cash LLC. “end to end” cash handling solutions for independent ATM and BTM providers and other financial institutions.


Systems Designed To Protect

Secure Cash Replenishment

Secure Cash ATM field teams will safely and securely reload your ATM’s on the schedule you need to maximize the cash in your terminals.

Machine Balancing

Our ATM teams will replenish, balance (cash residual return) and make sure the machine is re-supplied with paper (if needed) and placed back in service.

Consolidated Electronic Settlement Reporting

Reporting is sent daily by our cash processing system.

Emergency Cash Services

All field crews carry E-Cash (emergency cash) onboard the vehicles for emergency reloading when approved by your bank.

First Line Maintenance

We offer complete First Line Maintenance (FLM) 7 days a week to keep your ATM up and transacting.

State-Of-The-Art Vehicle Fleet

Newest, Safest Fleet

We spare no expense when it comes to our fleet of vehicles, offering the newest and safest vehicles in the industry

Live GPS Tracking

Every vehicle is GPS tracked to show exact location and movement history

Highly Trained Staff

Our team must pass rigorous background, physical, and certification tests

Complete Cash Visibility

Through the use of our transaction tracking system, you can see to-the-minute status of your pickups
Impeccable service

“Choice Money Transfer has worked with Armored Service companies for many years and it has been such a nice experience to work with Secure Cash… the most professional, efficient and reliable company on the market. ”

-- Erika Arias, Choice Money Transfer
These guys mean business

“In a business where reliability is critical, SecureCash shines.  They find time to listen to customers and as a result offer creative, cost effective ways to meet their needs.”

-- Donny McKay, VP, American Security Products Company

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