Processing Deposits From Anywhere In The US

As a registered MSB, we can process and wire money to any banking institution subject to compliance requirements. Buy and Sell options provides bank agnostic deposit transportation and verification under one roof.


Operate In More Places With Services Built For Your Business

Same-Day Deposit Verification

Any deposits arriving at one of our locations are processed and verified that day.

Bank-Neutral Solution

Using our “Cash Buy and Sell Services” you can have the deposits sent to any domestic bank in the United States.

ACH Available

Deposits can be sent by very affordable next business day ACH.

Next-Day Wire Transfer

Most customers prefer to have the deposits sent to their banks by same day wire transfer.

Automated Deposit Processing Reports

Processing reports are automatically sent before 7:00 am every day via email by our processing system.

Buy & Sell Services Cash Made Easy

Send Cash Via USPS, Receive Wired Amount

Buy and Sell services are available for approved Transguardian clients. With this newly innovated program, customers can receive deposit processing and banking options for remote parts of the country. Transguardian tracking options provide customers deposit insurance and end to end tracking data.


Pick Up Wired Funds As Cash

Customers who need to order money can do so by wiring funds to Secure Cash. Money ordered can be picked up at one of our locations, delivered by a Secure Cash armored vehicle or shipped by our insured mail service. Delivery by armored vehicle only available if the customer location is within the trucking service service areas of the greater New York Tri State Area or southern Florida.

Impeccable service

“Choice Money Transfer has worked with Armored Service companies for many years and it has been such a nice experience to work with Secure Cash… the most professional, efficient and reliable company on the market. ”

-- Erika Arias, Choice Money Transfer
These guys mean business

“In a business where reliability is critical, SecureCash shines.  They find time to listen to customers and as a result offer creative, cost effective ways to meet their needs.”

-- Donny McKay, VP, American Security Products Company

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