Cash Vault Management Solutions

Secure Cash provides comprehensive cash vault management solutions for our financial institutions. Same day provisional credits and cash processing is available for our banking partners. Automated deposits processing reports and vault balancing reports are generated and can be uploaded or emailed based on client’s requests. Financial institution’s unannounced audits are encouraged by our organization. An outside audit firm is contracted to complete cash vault audits quarterly and report directly to banking clients.


Included Services

Automated Deposits Processing Reports

Reports are sent automatically every morning by our processing system to customers by 7:00 am.

FTP & SFTP File Upload Capability

In addition to emails, files can be sent to FTP or SFTP sites.

Automated Cash Vaults Reports

Vault reports can be automatically sent every morning.

FRB Deposits

SecureCash will provide service to the local Federal Reserve Bank branch in areas we directly service.

Automated Change Order Option

Change orders can be ordered through our processing system via the internet.
Impeccable service

“Choice Money Transfer has worked with Armored Service companies for many years and it has been such a nice experience to work with Secure Cash… the most professional, efficient and reliable company on the market. ”

-- Erika Arias, Choice Money Transfer
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“In a business where reliability is critical, SecureCash shines.  They find time to listen to customers and as a result offer creative, cost effective ways to meet their needs.”

-- Donny McKay, VP, American Security Products Company

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